The Go Cloud Development Kit

The Go Cloud Development Kit (Go CDK) is an open source project building libraries and tools to improve the experience of developing for the cloud with Go.

Go CDK provides commonly used, vendor-neutral generic APIs that you can deploy across cloud providers. The idea is to support hybrid cloud deployments while combining on-prem (local) and cloud tools.

This project also lays the foundation for other open source projects to write cloud libraries that work across providers. It does this by providing stable, idiomatic interfaces for use cases like storage, events and databases.

For more background about the project, check out the announcement blog post and our talk from Cloud Next 2018.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Go CDK or are interested in checking out the code, head to our GitHub project page.

Installing and getting started🔗

To start using the Go CDK, install it using go get:

go get

Then follow the Go CDK tutorial. Links to additional documentation and samples are available below and in the site navigation bar.

Portable Cloud APIs in Go🔗

At this time, the Go CDK focuses on a set of portable APIs for cloud programming. We strive to implement these APIs for the leading Cloud providers: AWS, GCP and Azure, as well as provide a local (on-prem) implementation.

Using the Go CDK you can write your application code once using these idiomatic APIs, test locally using the local versions, and then deploy to a cloud provider with only minimal setup-time changes.

Project status🔗

We’re looking for early adopters to help us validate the APIs before releasing a beta version. Please try it and provide feedback by filing a GitHub issue.

The Go CDK is open-source and released under an Apache 2.0 License. Copyright © 2018–2019 The Go Cloud Development Kit Authors.

If you are looking for the website of GoCloud Systems, which is unrelated to the Go CDK, visit