The documents in this section describe higher level concepts in the Go CDK.

Structuring Portable Code

The Go CDK’s APIs are intentionally structured to make it easier to separate your application’s core logic from the details of the services it is using.


In addition to creating portable types via provider-specific constructors (e.g., creating a *blob.Bucket using s3blob.OpenBucket), many portable types can also be created using a URL. The scheme of the URL specifies the provider, and each provider implementation has code to convert the URL into the data needed to call its constructor. For example, calling blob.OpenBucket("s3blob://my-bucket") will return a *blob.Bucket created using s3blob.OpenBucket.

Using provider-specific APIs

It is not feasible or desirable for APIs like blob.Bucket to encompass the full functionality of every provider. Rather, we intend to provide a subset of the most commonly used functionality. There will be cases where a developer wants to access provider-specific functionality, such as unexposed APIs or data fields, errors, or options. This can be accomplished using As functions.